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We offer Classic Nuad Thai Massage. We have different treatments for you to choose from.
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Welcome to Original Nuad Thai Spa. We can offer traditional Nuad Thai Massage. We have many different treatments to choose from. The massage treatments are to prevent and counteract future and improve current pain. With massage, we can help you treat and relieve certain muscle tension due to illness, age or other physical activities.
For better results, it is recommended that you come in for repeated treatments.

Do not walk around with stiff and sore joints. Avoid the pain.
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Nuad Thai Massage

Treating the body with massage is an ancient tradition that lives on today. Studies show that massage is an effective treatment method for treating pain but also for relaxation. Thai massage is a combination of yoga, stretch and acupressure and works with the body’s energy lines while oil massage is a more relaxing form of massage, where you use odorless oils or aromatic oils. You work with calm movements all over the body. More focus on muscle kneading and relaxation. Want to know more about our massage treatments. Call us on (+36) 204222289 warm welcome